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Member focus: Gerri Bradford


At 86 years of age, Gerri Bradford is still out there painting in her studio and occasionally doing plein air.  With the exception of, she has relinquished her gallery  galloping, organizations, website, etc. and sticks pretty close to home with son, Fred.  Her living room/dining room are now her new studio/gallery and she can be found painting in her pajamas on any given day….just painting, painting and loving life.  If you wish to chew the fat, give her a call at 303 776-0271 or email at  Sincerely……

LAG Featured Artist – Susan Gunn


Susan is a new member of the Longmont Artists’ Guild.  A longtime resident of Boulder County and Longmont, Susan has just recently joined the Longmont art community and has opened a working studio in the Old Town Marketplace, 332 Main Street, in the Art District.   “I’ve painted as a hobby most of my life.  I work in watercolor and oils, and love to paint landscapes, flowers and portraits.”  

I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by original art painted by my great grandfather, Charles Herbert Thoener, Sr. My mother loved his beautiful landscapes and family portraits.  They hung throughout our family home in Yonkers, NY.

My grandmother’s portrait hung over the fireplace.  Uncle Ernst hung in my brother’s bedroom, and three self-portraits of my great grandfather hung in the living room along with several of his landscapes.   When my mother passed in 2002, I knew she would love to have her portrait hang next to those of her family, and I endeavored to fulfill her wish.

My formal education came later in life.  As a returning student in my 40s, I studied Fine Arts at the University of Colorado, Boulder graduating with a BS in Journalism with a Minor in Fine Arts.  Through succeeding years, I took numerous art workshops in Colorado and Europe…

Oil Painting Portrait of Mom

In painting portraits, I learned an adaptation of the Mische Technique.  This method of painting creates an effect where light reflects from within the painting. It makes possible for great refinement of detail and a rich ethereal quality.

My studies included a three-week workshop on the Mische Technique at Castle Kuenberg in Payerbach, Austria, just outside Vienna, studying with Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Professor of Painting, Naropa University; Michael Fuchs, Artist-in-Resident and Mentor in Painting and Drawing; Brigid Marlin, Artist-in-Resident and Mentor in Painting; and Ernst Fuchs, Professor Emeritus.

Masters Classes at the Santa Reparata International School of Art, in Florence, Italy;   a three-week workshop on the Mische Technique with instructors Robert Vanosa, Martina Hoffman, Philip Rubinov-Jacobson and Michael Fuchs.   I continued my studies with Robert Vanosa and Martina Hoffman, Masters of Fantastic Realism painting, in a two-week workshop in Cataques, Spain and at several workshops in Boulder.

Additionally, I studied with Cynthia Re Robbins at a traditional Mische Technique workshop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.”


Thank You Lydia Pottoff for a great presentation!

Last night at our monthly member’s meeting at the Great Frame Up (430 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501), Lydia Pottoff gave a demonstration and talk about using pastel paints.

She discussed the types of paints she uses, the paper and other techniques. She also discussed how she works plein air painting. 

Be sure to join us next month on February 8th at 6:30pm for our Artists’ Social where we will be using color pencils to draw wrapped candy as our subject.  We will also have an art swap, mini show (with prizes!) and a raffle!

Open to members and anyone else who wants to have an artsy good time!

Featured LAG Member – Jill Rumley

jill RumleyJill is the newest member of our board and the gal who will be taking over not only the newsletter, but all things digital for our guild!

Jill’s artistic background began with photography at a very young age. She received her first camera at the age of 13. Throughout the years, she has enjoyed photography and when digital cameras came out in the late 1990’s she was an early adopter of this technology.

Through digital photography, Jill studied web and graphic design. She has been making websites for non-profits and friends since 1998.

A little over a year ago, Jill finally decided to take up oil painting. She started with a few lessons from Dot and is now studying under Rick Stoner. Both Jill’s mother & grandmother were oil painters who started in mid-life; Jill is following this tradition!

Jill’s love of animals shows through her commissioned art pieces. She also loves nature, but animals and pets are her favorite subjects.  To see more of Jill’s current work, feel free to visit her website at