St. Stephens - gift shop benefiting Haiti
November 4th & 5th 12pm - 4pm
Contact Lynne Lemmer at lynneLemmer@gmail.com


Member Show at the Great Frame Up
March 2018

LAG Annual Member Show - Barn A | Boulder County Fairgrounds
June 6th - 10th 2018

LAG members are hanging their artwork in  venues around Longmont, thanks to our generous businesses around town that support us and support the arts.  Please take some time to go and enjoy the artwork and chat with the nice folks who are giving us this great opportunity!

Good Eats Grill Art Show

Good Eats Grill

1114 Francis Street
Longmont, CO

Oct-Nov       Chris Hoetele
Dec-Jan       Amy Heneghan


Contact:  Hazel McCoy at lezahwolfe@vfemail.net
or (303) 772-7383


Danish Furniture

Danish Furniture

1448 Nelson Rd,
Longmont, CO 80501

Nancy Champion


November - December
Artist needed!

Please call Nan Sanford
at 307-421-1255 if you are interested in showing at this venue.

You will be allowed up to ten pieces, depending on size and they will be displayed for 2 months.


Sun Rose Cafe

379 Main St.,

November 2017 - January 2018
Janis Buck, Jill Rumley, Susan Steven, Michel Reynolds, Martin Tobias, Mary Diamond, Jan Kirkpatrick, John Baker-Batsel, Nancy Champion, Amy Sammoury, Joe Sutcliffe, Melvin Birkey, Menja Morris, Hazel McCoy.

Contact Yvonne Ogg to display your art.

Boulder Medical Center


Longmont Hospital
2030 Mountain View Ave.
4th floor

August through December 2017
Bruce Ide
Lynn Diagnault
Laura Lass
Mary Benke
John Baker-Batsel
Any artist interested in hanging their art at this site, please contact Jill Rumley at  Jill.Rumley@gmail.com



City Cafe

1442 Nelson Rd., Longmont

2017 Artists
Nov - Dec: Janis Buck


2018 Artists
Jan - Feb:  Chris Hoetele
Mar - Apr: Nancy Champion
May - Jun: Diane Wood
Jul - Aug: Janis Buck
Sep - Oct: Amy Heneghan

For more information contact:  Hazel McCoy
or  (303) 772-7383



The Optical Center

521 Main Street, Longmont
(303) 772-6650

Currently showing at The Optical Center:
Brenda Klatt
Diane Wood
Rita Belz
Linda Schlagenhauf
Yvonne Ogg
Please stop and view their work and give them your support.


St. Stephens Episcopal Church

1303 S Bross Ln.
Longmont, CO 80501



2018 - Artists wanted!

for more information.

Red Frog Coffee
15 Ken Pratt Blvd #200, Longmont, CO 80501

Artists may sign up at the coffee shop.
Out of town artists may call 303.772.7209

If you are a LAG member and are showing your art here, contact us and we'll add you here!


We Have A Firm Exhibit Policy

To maintain the quality of our exhibits and shows, we have a firm policy required of all participants. Our shows and events are about much more than showing our work. They are about building community spirit and awareness of art between LAG and our communities.