We have concluded our member shows for the 2017-2018 season!

Check back here in August for our 2018-2019 schedule!

Thanks to our sponsors!
Now showing at LAG Venues

LAG members are hanging their artwork in  venues around Longmont, thanks to our generous businesses around town that support us and support the arts.  Please take some time to go and enjoy the artwork and chat with the nice folks who are giving us this great opportunity!

Good Eats Grill Art Show

Good Eats Grill

1114 Francis St.
Longmont, CO

May - July 2018
Jill Rumley


August - October 2018
Hazel McCoy


November 2018 - January 2019
Diane Wood


Hazel McCoy at
or (303) 772-7383


Danish Furniture

Danish Furniture

1448 Nelson Rd,
Longmont, CO 80501

if you are interested in showing at this venue, please contact LAG via email:

You will be allowed up to ten pieces, depending on size and they will be displayed for 2 months.

Boulder Medical Center


Longmont Hospital
2030 Mountain View Ave.
4th floor

Currently showing through 
mid November 2018
Janine Belletire
Lara Nagy
Amy Sammoury
Lenina Olivas
Jane Bates
Brenda Klatt
Hazel McCoy
Jill Musser
Any artist interested in hanging their art at this site, please contact Hazel McCoy at lezawolfe@vfemail.net



St. Stephens Episcopal Church

1303 S Bross Ln.
Longmont, CO 80501


Currently Showing:

Diane Wood

Contact Karin van Haaren at goldisue@sbcglobal.net
for more information.

The Optical Center

521 Main Street, Longmont
(303) 772-6650

Currently showing at The Optical Center:
John Baker-Batsel
Ray Geier
Christine Jarvis
Gwen Kowalski
Jill Kulano
Lisa Larsen
Yvonne Ogg
Allan Robertson
Please stop and view their work and give them your support.

We Have A Firm Exhibit Policy

To maintain the quality of our exhibits and shows, we have a firm policy required of all participants. Our shows and events are about much more than showing our work. They are about building community spirit and awareness of art between LAG and our communities.