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Over 60 and looking good!

The Longmont Artists’ Guild was formed in 1957. At the time the group consisted of six members, Maurene Buethe, Vuna Cederberg, Nellie Cozens, Geraldine Everly, Carrie Nelson and Edna Peak.

In the beginning the group met at each others’ homes for the purpose of sharing experiences, painting together and analyzing each others’ work. the following year (1958) an article ran in The Times-Call inviting new members to join.

In 1959 the meetings were moved to the Callahan House. There were no dues at that time, however, each member paid fifty cents per year, which was used to pay the cost of renting the meeting room at Calahan House (rental was twenty-five cents per meeting).

The group was named by Carrie Nelson and some members thought the name was rather formal for such a small gathering, but over the years the “Guild” grew into its name. The first “art show” was held at the Tea & Coffee Store in November of 1959 (which later became part of the 1st National Bank).


Board of Directors

The objectives of the Longmont Artists’ Guild are to promote the creation of original art work, provide educational programs to its members and stimulate community art appreciation through exhibitions and shows.

We have a lot of fun learning and working together. It gives us all pleasure to teach, to learn, and to show our art publicly.


Susan Steven

helper to everything!

Janis Buck

Vice President

Karin van Haaren

Board Member


Yvonne Ogg

Show Committee


Jill Rumley

Board Member at Large
Media Director


Janine Belletire

Board Member at Large
Activity Director


Christine Jarvis

Board Member at Large
Venues Director



We are incorporated as a non-profit in the State of Colorado and we have 501(c)(3) status. Our by-Laws, approved by the membership, describe membership, dues, meeting times, duties of the Executive Board, committees, and elections. They also describe the responsibilities of membership.

Part of being a member is being a good volunteer and supporting the Guild community.

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