Our membership is annual from September to September and new members can join at any time. We offer educational opportunities through our sponsored workshops and monthly meetings.

Also included with your membership is the opportunity to show your work at any of our sponsored venues for low cost or free.  And don't forget all of the great networking opportunities when you belong to a guild of artists!

Send your application and membership fee by check to: (also for renewing members!)

P.O. BOX 2242
LONGMONT, CO 80502-2242

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Once a month from September to May on the second Wednesday at 5:30 pm (new time,) we get together for a member meeting and demonstration by a talented artist at the Great Frame up. Some amazing artists have come to our meetings to demonstrate their skills and answer member question..  See our Workshops Page for details.

If you have something to teach, we want to learn. If you have something to learn, we want to teach you. Please feel free to visit one of our meetings or art shows and become a member if you wish. All are welcome!

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The Great Frame Up
430 Main Street, Longmont
Ample free parking in the back


2017 -2018
October Member Meeting 
Artist Social Activity
Art Swap
Mini Art Show
Wednesday, October 11th - 
5:30 pm Meet & Greet
Activity begins at 6:00 pm
Great Frame Up
(430 Main St. Longmont)


This month's meeting will be an Artist Social, Art Swap & Mini Art Show with an Activity: Texture Rubbings, looking at texture in a new way, with Nancy Champion. Nancy will share how to use everyday materials to capture texture in the art process called "frottage" or rubbings and share a finished quilt using the technique. Creating rubbings on light weight papers, tissue paper and fabric or canvas can be art starters and cut and applied to other surfaces.


To participate, please bring the following if you have it (we will have limited supplies to share):


  1. Sketchbooks or light weight paper to work on, or fabric.
  2. Art tools to create rubbings: pencil, graphite sticks, colored pencils or sticks, crayons or oil pastels (great on fabric)
  3. A small snack to share is appreciated!

Bring your gently used (or new) unwanted art items to swap with someone who can use them! We set up a table for the items to swap! Please remember to take back any items that were not swapped!

Bring one of your recent creative pieces!  We will have a popular vote for a winner who gets a gift card prize! Any type of art is accepted and paintings do not need to be framed!  This is a small show to share your work!  Oh, and MINI doesn't mean "small," it's just a small show!
Fabric Rubbings
Fabric Rubbings on a Scarf

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